Sports Industry Year? Oh please!

That was the first sentence of my column From the Sidelines published today.

But I was told to "go easy" as Redberry, the group that manages The Malay Mail, are the media partners of the Sports Industry Year.

Oh well.

I was just pushing the envelope anyway.

I have been skeptical all this while - as standing individuals were sidelined from speaking at the forums as they are noy in-sync with the concept of the Sports Industry Year (note I mentioned SIY twice - now isn't that branding?)

But with plans of turning the Bukit Jalil Sports Complex into a Sports City? Now that's something worth looking into.

After all, Malaysians only appreciate things better when they are forced to fork out money.

HD says: Let's concentrate on maintaining facilities as well.


  1. Just received an SMS. It read:

    Out of the 14 speakers, 2 are Mat Sallehs based in London, 1 Mat Salleh based in KL, 1 Mat Salleh based in Singapore, 1 Thai and 1 Indonesian. 1 Indian nationality but based in KL and 7 locals. None aske for appearance fee. Just travel and accommodation. I was hoping to hear issues like facilities to be brought up by delegates. Out of 462 delegates, 253 are from private sectors including venue operators. I guess those who're really concerned decided to stay home. May be cos they believe there's no hope. Or may be cos they just don't care. So they didn't hear ruben gnanalingam and raman of airasia vented out frustrations when dealing with nsas and even world federations. These are real concerns from potential sponsors. At least they come!

  2. Well Haresh. Why i am not surprised!
    You should know by now who the venue operators are? who manage the nsas and world feds?
    The delegates also maybe "forced" to attend.
    If this were to do in a correct way, we should have a strong/ neutral mediator. No influence from whatsoever or whoever!


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