We can play better football

Some are clearly pissed.

Others believe there is much hope with the national team.

Just as I've stated on Astro Awani Ekstra last night, I believe I've seen the national team play better football.

It's not the question of playing on different turf, fielding 'imports' or the target being the 2015 Asian Cup.

I believe only the best players should represent the country. You can be good today, but there's no assurance you can be good tomorrow.

As I said before, I believe our team can perform way, way better than what they did against Taiwan and Singapore.

It's time to move on.

HD says: One may have faith or practice positive thinking but it is important to conduct a reality check at the same time.


  1. "In order the team to change, the fans must change too".

    Shazwan Taib


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