When a jersey is too expensive...

...you get a tongue lashing in public.

But that only happens in New Zealand.

Sports giant adidas has come under fire as they are selling the All-Blacks jersey for NZ$ 220 (RM 549.60).

However, the same rugby jersey can be bought in the USA for US$ 79.99 (RM 231.51).

According to this article, the cost of making a jersey is estimated at NZ$ 8 (RM 19.98).

Watch how broadcast journalist John Campbell grills adidas New Zealand’s country manager David Huggett and adidas Australia’s managing director Greg Kerr about the price of its replica jersey - as seen here.

So should we also settle for overly priced jerseys which are made in some factory in Kepong?

Note: Special mention to former Mailsport journo Graig Nunis for the video.

HD says:
Malaysian officials are lucky they are not subjected to such grilling. It'd be interesting to see how they react to such a situation eh.


  1. Those two chaps really got burnt hahahahah...i like campbell's style...real abrasive hahaha

  2. campbell macam rizal je hahaha

    Fowler is GOD but Kenny is the KING


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