Foolish 'fans'

Security was lax, as Ultras Malaya supporters entered the  hockey stadium at 6pm, while waiting for the Johor and  Pahang FA Cup semi-finals to start at 8.45pm at the adjacent  soccer stadium.

The soccer fans were, at first, supporting the hockey  players with drums and constant singing and chanting.

However, with nine minutes left in the match, a group of  the soccer fans went close to the sideline and started taunting  the Korean coach Kim who also double up as an umpire.

They shouted racist words and showed him the index  finger, which angered the coach and he ran to the sidelined to  confront them.


There were no Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC)  officials watching the match, and the Malaysian players as  well as officials were the ones who had to defuse the situation  all by themselves.

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What if someone walks into the stadium with a gun and started shooting at the players?

What if someone walks into the stadium and placed explosives at the stands?

What if someone walks into the stadium and decides to take a dump in the middle of the pitch?

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HD says: Don't take things for granted lah...


  1. disgraceful behaviour....please go and be stupid somewhere else..



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