Foriegn students shying away from Malaysia was a company set up to be a one-stop centre for foreign students. The company - Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) - is to market and promote Malaysia as an education hub.

Yet, foreign students are crying foul over the delays in visa application since the company was set up in February.

Players in the industry claim loss of business while others question the monopoly practiced by the company which was set up by the then Higher Education Ministry.

Read the special report in The Malay Mail today.

Also read Tired of waiting, considering study elsewhere, I'm being forced to leave the country, Fresh allegations haunt one-stop centre and Institutions file injunction suit.

Meanwhile, senior officials in the Malaysian Hockey Confederation are unaware of certain matters pertaining Paul Revington's decision to quit as national team coach. Read more here.

As for football, the FA of Malaysia's (FAM) decision to reward RM1,000 to fans who nab other fans that misbehave during the FA Cup final could backfire.

Fans ridiculed the need to be policed by their fellow supporters while lawyers said the incentives - despite its noble intention - is open to abuse, as reported in Mailsport.

HD says: Drama, drama, drama...


  1. You have a coaching Committee and then you got a National Team Management Committee so who actually runs things? Who has control over National Coaches Appointments?

    NSC paymaster and stake holders can they decide to fire?

    If there anyone actually in charge?


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