How many more deaths?

A Japanese man who was arrested for brandishing a knife at auxiliary police after trespassing into a university near here on June 2, was found hanged at the grille of his lock-up cell at the USJ 8 police station, Subang Jaya, early Saturday.

The full report by national news agency Bernama is seen here.

Prior to this, there were eight recorded deaths in police custody. They include the case of 42-year-old P. Karuna Nithi at the Tampin police station on June 1, N. Dharmendra 32, who died in Kuala Lumpur on May 21 and R.James Ramesh 40 who died in Penang on May 26.

Three policemen were charged for murder over the death of Dharmendra last Wednesday while a manhunt for the fourth suspect takes place.

The deaths have grabbed attention worldwide as seen in this AFP report published in Gulf Times.

A police officer claims that some criminals provoke the boys in blue into violence.

Provocation or otherwise, several groups have called for a panel to probe the deaths.

The Malay Mail's Editor-at-large Frankie D'Cruz believes nothing will change.

Graphics from The Malaysian Insider.

Will more people die in police custody?

HD says: Sigh!


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