Kok Chi gets down to business

KOK CHITired of the allegations, poison pen letters, visits by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and pot shots taken at his daughter, Olympic Council of Malaysia honorary secretary is adamant of introducing clear guidelines when it comes to officials dealing with sponsors.

Kok Chi proposed that a meeting be held with the office bearers, as reported here.

Also read past reports regarding the matter as seen here and here.

HD says: Lets see if the members will agree to sit down for the proposed meeting in the first place.


  1. Very good idea. High time actual work be done in OCM then just politicking. Is it true that Kok Chi works fast with sponsors by selling OCM cheap. Appartently multinationals and service providers pay an embarrissing pittens to OCM and he quickly secure the deals before Tunku Imran can even look at the papers.

    As long as work is done, right. Keep up the good work Kok Chi. By the way, keep a tab on a good friend SSD who is busy telling that he sold tickets on your behalf in London, which is prohibited.

  2. Bro,

    Read Malaysian Hockey website's artikel 'Moving On'. Sungguh interesting. Thevwriter has beun to use legal temiology. Only lawyer blogger i know can writelike that is you la bro


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