When loyalty does not pay

KLFA have been given several advertising boards in major streets in KL to generate income. It would be interesting if KLFA could reveal the exact numbers received from the outdoor advertising.

KLFA also boasts an academy. That too can generate income if it is managed well.
But KLFA have made no effort to engage with their fans. It is the supporters who have been creating Facebook pages to share information about the city side. The official KLFA website has not been updated as the latest news is of their match against UiTM on March 29.
The team were plagued with allegations of match-fixing, prompting supporters to hold up banners that screamed “Fan 0 Bookies 5” at Cheras Stadium in May. This led to their sole sponsor to pull out.
KLFA have 19 executive members. How many have contributed to the team? Do any of them now have a game plan?
KLFA can continue to beg for sympathy or get their act together by taking football seriously. The ball is at your feet, KLFA.

Read 'When loyalty does not pay' in Mailsport today.

Meanwhile, former KL coach Chow Kwai Lam described KL's relegation to the FAM League as a "shameful".

HD says: Sigh!


  1. Those 19 incompetent fools in KLFA and the beggars in PFA should be reported to SC and SPRM to check whether there is any misconduct. If these FA need to disband so be it. Let club football by communities and private sectors thrive in their stead.



  2. Sack all the deadwoods right from the President till the players. KLFA needs to be refreshed. Bring back those former footballers like Azman Adnan, Mat Zan Mat Aris! Malik Awab, Chow Siew Yai and many mores. Let them take over the management. KLFA management should be free from any politicians helming the post. Bring in business minded people that have interest in developing football for generating income. I think both the former players and business tychoon that are serious in developing football can form a synergy to bring back the old glory days of KL. The present management has totally failed obviously.

  3. well KL tried to bring ex-players to manage the team. Businessman like subadron aziz were called upon. failed miserably. still rasuah what. and u want to call azman adnan? puii..r u sure u support kl or just start supporting since the Ultras were formed? Don't just utter some rubbish like demonising politicians and glorifying ex-players for the sake of it. Just need to pick better people, whether politicians, ex-players n players. The secret is, those who cares about the team, not about their own pockets. We had the late tan sri megat junid, ex politician hailed from perak. but loved the team as if he was a KLites. let down by the exco's again. We got tan sri elyas omar, though not a politician, but hailed from penang, and love the team and built an empire. We just need someone powerful and love the team. Right now, no one is available. Johari abdul after winning the titwangsa seat should've contributes much more rather than sponsoring 7-up to the teams. and recruit players from kampungs2, estates..surely they will play with their heart out..


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