Outsiders meddling with OCM election?

Is there a conspiracy to oust certain “unfriendly” individuals from the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM)?

OCM members will cast their votes on June 22 to select office bearers for the 2013-2015 term. Talks within Wisma OCM, however, suggests that certain quarters want “their list of candidates” to win the elections.

OCM officials are often at loggerheads with several individuals from agencies within the Sports Ministry.

However, former OCM vice president Ibrahim Saad said such practices should not occur.

“If true, then I am disappointed. There should not be any preferable candidate list and members should be given the freedom to choose suitable candidates for the post,” said Ibrahim.

Read the full report in today's Mailsport.

HD says: Hmm...


  1. Im sure everybody knew who are the individuals. Expose them

  2. Zol laa...sapo laie...rombau most wanted yoww


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