GST shevled - but why?

Consumer groups want the government to make a stand over the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) which has now been shelved pending further studies.

The groups claim thorough studies should have been conducted before the government’s announcement to introduce GST.

“Why propose something if no proper studies were done in the first place? It is akin to testing waters,” said Muslim Consumer Association Malaysia (PPIM) executive secretary Nadzim Johan.

“We are not against the GST but we need to know the details and till today we don’t know what are the mechanics of the GST that will be adopted in Malaysia. Are we going to use the Singapore model? What is the percentage of GST? So how can we agree to something which remains unclear till today?” he asked.

Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (Fomca) secretary-general Paul Selvaraj admitted the GST was important for the nation to generate income.

“But the importance and relevance of the GST must be seen,” Selvaraj said.


  1. With more then 300 billion a year at their disposal, why do they need to impose GST.?? Why in the world we want to collect all these money for and, why the hurry-bury.??
    Aren't we suppose to manage the revenue prudently by just thinking of the peoples welfare?? Do they really know and feel the rise of the cost of living today??

    We want some serious answers from them - the "Noble
    and the untouchable"

    HSKL says: but, then again, we are all at his Mercy...


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