Kelantan juara Piala FA

Kelantan mempertahankan kejuaraan mereka apabila menang tipis 1-0 ke atas Johor Darul Takzim FC dalam perlawanan akhir Piala FA di Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil semalam.

Norfarhan Muhammad menjaringkan gol buat Kelanatan pada minit ke-14.

Ramai terkejut apabila JDT mengeluarkan penyerang kebangsaan Safee Sali, yang hanya beraksi lebih kurang 20 minit, dan menggantikan beliau dengan Leonel Nunez.

Namun JDT masih tidak mampu membolosi pertahanan Kelantan dan keputusan 1-0 kekal sehingga akhir perlawanan.

Ini merupakan kemenangan manis buat Kelantan setelah terlepas peluang menjuarai Liga Super. Berbaki dua perlawanan, Kelantan kini berada di tangga kelima dalam liga.

Nota: Gambar dari

HD kata: Tahniah buat pasukan Kelantan.
Norfarhan Muhammad t
Norfarhan Muhammad t
Norfarhan Muhammad t


  1. Dear Haresh,

    I've read something in the website, is this true? Matyo buang pingat naib juara piala fa dlm tong sampah? This is not suppose to happen...

    one more thing, is about safiq rahim, tak nk di interview oleh media. Tell him that he should learn from safee sali.Cool aje...

    it just a game, one will be the winner and the other will lose the game...That's normal. That's the simple rules of a game

  2. We can also question JDT overall performance when defending and going forward. Psychologically and tactically, they ditched out a aimless game. There is also an indication of match fixing. Lets recall moments, when players were trying to put the ball forward without any purpose.
    How frequent they lost the ball and back paddled at trying to miserably defend.

    Logically, Malaysian pro football players don't even understand their role (function according to situation) or they are involved in match fixing very obviously.
    Football in Malaysia is rotten and gone for good. Lets not pretend and think that there is hope anymore...The situation is so, sick and no cures unless we must put to "sleep the current and give birth to new" - all levels including the players. We need minimum 20 years to repair this problem with the right development by the book!! - not some "clowning" around.

    HSKL says: How long is this circus going to go on??

  3. Tactical disaster by JDT Team Management...Period!!! Kelantan's captain Badri Radzi show who's the boss in the final. Rajagopal are you watching??? Congrats TRW......



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