Steroids hub racket exposed

With just a click of the mouse, you can buy anabolic steroids without any prescription!

The Malay Mail, in its investigation, found several Facebook accounts and websites selling drugs including Anabol, D-bol and Testolic, in the open.

This came about after the Wall Street Journal reported that US President Barack Obama had revealed a worldwide steroids trafficking operation, apparently “partly managed in Malaysia”, which targets large-scale traffickers including the Mexican Tijuana cartel.

Posing as a budding bodybuilder, this writer contacted three suppliers online and obtained confirmation they sold anabolic steroids and testosterone enanthate which could be delivered to the client.

Read the expose in The Malay Mail today. Also read 'Too much steroids can kill you' and 'Serious lack of enforcement'.

For the record, read 'After money laundering, Malaysia now linked to steroids trafficking and  'Cops deny allegations of steroid trafficking'.

HD says: It was the same in 2009, it's the same now.


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