A Kabaddi thriller

Politics is not confined to the 'popular' sports. Just look at the local kabaddi scene.

The Kabaddi Association of Malaysia (KAM) will hold its annual general meeting cum elections on Wednesday.

Do expect drama between its president Shahidan Kassim (left) and Kabbadi Association of Selangor (KAS) council member Dr Shanmughanathan Vellanthurai (right).

Shahidan - who is also president to many other sports associations - apparently has won the presidency seat unopposed as his challenger Shanmughanathan's nomination was thrown out of the window.

Read today's Mailsport for a better understanding of the Kabaddi thriller.

The last thing kabaddi needs is politics.

HD says: If the KAM drama ain't your thing, try watching Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu instead.


  1. The problem with you is you never find out who is this Dr Shan what is he doing and his crebility in the industry. First and foremost he bought his doctorate, how did he become a Dato ... running a secretarial company in BFIELDS and he wants to become a President, he is also known for misappropriate of funds.. This bugger is a crook la and you are writing abt him! Come on la bro tak cukup model ke ..

  2. Vennila Kabadi Kuzu was superb...wonder when Malaysia gonna win the gold medal in Asian Games as they are easily swept away by non-kabbadi playing nations...etc Iran,Pakistan


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