No one cares bro...

...especially when it comes to the welfare of our local athletes.

We do have certain personalities making a big hoo-ha when they donate a small amount to an athlete. And then these same personalities also take these athletes around town to score political mileage.

No class lah.

Gan Teik Chai and Tan Bin Shen are left to fend on their own against their 'battle' with the BA of Malaysia.

Zuhairi Ahmad (pic) is hoping T-Team would pay his wages owed after he was dropped from the squad due to a freak accident which caused him to lose his fingers. Read Zuhairi's plight here and here.

The late M.Joseph played for the country and coached a state team with only one eye. Alex Sanchez was born with a deformed right hand but it didn't stop the Real Zaragoza player from being the first disabled footballer to play in the La Liga.

I don't see why Zuhairi should stop playing football if he is good. Get someone else to do the throw-ins lah.

And when you retire, you're forgotten. Just ask the former footballers who are in town for the inaugural Malaysia Day Ex-international/state Soccer 9s.

So who are the real defenders of our athletes?

National Sports Associations? Yayasan Kebajikan Atlet Kebangsaan (Yakeb)?

Or none of the above?

HD says: Start serving so that athletes will start benefiting.


  1. I saw a picture of his amputated fingers in one of the local dailies on the net.

    can I ask - do athletes have their own medical insurance/life insurance etc..... etc....?

    There is going to be a major transformation in health care and health insurance is important in the very near future... it will affect everyone

    Right now-
    1. he needs supportive people around and that includes a clinical counsellor and get that hand healed.

    2. If he is so keen into sports AND IF FOOTBALL IS NOT for him in the near future, capitalise on his other sports talents and capabilities based on his physical attributes and work on it-- what has happened cannot be reversed - we must try and make him move on as he has a whole future ahead of him- we must try and help him adapt to the changes he will face in the future- it will be a challenging time BUT HE MUST TRY.......He could shine in other sports too...... IF he tries

    Dr. Mariam George Mathew
    Head Of Sports Medicine Service
    Ministry Of Health Malaysia
    QEH Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

  2. Dr Mariam,

    Do drop me an email with your contact details. Tq


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