Revamp lagi...

Sometimes revamps work. But when it is done too often, you lose focus.

The Malay Mail is said to be undergoing a revamp - yet again. From an afternoon daily then it went morning, then it went back to afternoon and now the management wants to push it to the morning.

From RM0.80, to being a free paper - ala The Sun - to now reverting back to a paid model.

MSL Sdn Bhd, who supposedly run the M-League, are also talking about revamps. From introducing foreigners to axing foreign footballers to now discussing the possibility of bringing back the imports, etc etc etc.

Much thought and studies should be placed before speaking of changes.

Studies mean going to the ground and speaking to the people that actually matter about what should be changed and left behind.

A revamp doesn't mean changing the name to create an illusion. It's about having substance.

I'm talking about MSL by the way.

Annuar Musa said MSL may be revamped again. Good to hear but please put much thought into it before introducing changes sir.

I've seen too many revamps that hardly work - and those who introduce it never stay in office for long.

Revamps should be done with much thought and not for the sake of changing.

HD says: Revamp is the word of the year.


  1. Aik mm revamp lagi. dah brp puluh kali revamp?
    mm dah takde modal ke?


  2. The Sun 2.0? haha

  3. Still loyal ah hd?

  4. Revamps that i want to see in MSL are:

    1.Turn all state team to a football club that are indepentdent from state FA. Make them a big town or district based team instead for example Kedah Alor Star fc or KL city fc. Make this rule compulsory to other clubs as well that want to compete in msl.

    2.Corporate, uniform fc should be bannned from being based in KL, spread to other places like Jengka/BTR FELDA United fc or Puchong Sime Darby FC or Masjid Tanah ATM so that they can have their own fanbase.

    3.Adopt all ACL statutes.


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