Raja to Cardiff?

Will K.Rajagobal take up the offer of visiting Cardiff City?

Rajagobal could only smile when Cardiff City FC Chan Tien Ghee invited the national coach to spend some time at the Welsh club.

A career opportunity for Rajagobal?

Read all about the offer in today's Mailsport.

That aside, I must say Tien Ghee, better known as TG, and Vivienne Leong were really humble and made the effort to meet fellow guests at the respective tables during the Malaysia Day ex-internationals dinner at Wisma OCM on Friday.

It comes to no surprise TG was willing to meet Rizal Hashim for a 'session' the very next day - as seen here.

But let's not get carried away. This is business at the end of the day. Sentiments aside, it is highly unlikely Safee Sali or Safiq Rahim will don the Cardiff City jersey while Rajagobal should best concentrate on his work here.

I'm sure Rajagobal knows better. His smile said it all.

HD says:
It was great meeting up with you coach. We should do tea, as we often used to, near Wisma FAM.


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