What ails our shuttlers?

I remember speaking to National Sports Institute's director general Dr Ramlan Aziz (pic) about the possibility of him penning down his thoughts in a regular column in The Malay Mail some time ago.

Ramlan had approached other establishments as well and I believe he felt the New Straits Times would be a better platform for him to air his views.

Perhaps he was right as it is a nation-wide daily after all.

In yesterday's column, Ramlan wrote about our national shuttlers - mainly Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong. Read What ails our shuttlers?

The BA of Malaysia, meanwhile, admitted better plans and programmes are needed for the national shuttlers.

BAM president Nadzmi Salleh was quoted as saying;

“It is not about blaming anyone. In BAM, we do not blame anyone but we find ways to overcome problems and to provide solutions so that we can achieve better results. It is the same way in business too."

Read more here.

HD says: Let history guide us to shape the future.


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