Loyalty does not pay Raja

Before any party gets ultra defensive, I am appreciative of the fact that most of the time negotiations are usually done three months before the contract expires and it is right for any party to do so.

But if the FA of Malaysia (FAM) technical committee has sat, discussed and agreed to extend national coach K.Rajagobal's contract in March, then why is it taking so long to get the deal done and move on?

I really wanted to pen down the reaction from the national body. Sadly, I didn't get a reply.

Rajagobal may not say it out loud but I bet he would like to sign the dotted lines as soon as possible.

Yet, he will have to wait a little longer. Read today's Mailsport for more.

Pic: The Malay Mail

HD says: Loyalty doesn't pay coach. Trust me, I know best!


  1. Wow tukang kebun, betul ka? banyak tu!

  2. Please check what happen yesterday during coaching meeting with the great karim. One coach who question karim 'wisdom' had been chase out. What a mockery done by koam vice president

  3. Hi Haresh,

    Give him (Raja) whatever he think he deserve...if he did not deliver...he should resign...Malaysian need a result...bigger result then Sea Game or AFF CUP...no lips service please rajagopal...

    Zul Miura Amizan

  4. Alahai, si general pun general bodek!

  5. Agreed with Zul...Coach Raja can ask for anything right now...But when thing goes wrong, no nonsense excuse ya coach raja


  6. Raja is a nice chap....he gives priority to the country for the interest of the game...please don't tarnish his image by claiming that he is demanding for a high salary...he is so down to earth and will not demand much....for him soccer comes first.Hidup Datuk Raja...


  7. Tukang Kebun FAM,

    Your comments have been deleted for obvious reasons.

    It was deemed "too personal". No hard feelings.


  8. King Gopal is not giving his priority to the country...but put his egoist on top of everythings...Yes, his past achievement is very good, but dont really proud about that..We need improvement...



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