Roving with Blackburn

Some of our players enjoyed stints with several foreign teams including Chelsea and Cardiff City (recently). Another English club Blackburn Rovers is eager to be part of the picture as well.

Three of our Under-16 lads will head to India next week. They will join a handful of players from Hong Kong and India to form a team and play in a 6-a-side tournament there.

Five lucky boys will then be selected for an attachment programme with the Riversiders. Read today's Mailsport - Roving with Blackburn.
Serbegeth Singh, or better known as Shebby, is Blackburn Rovers head of development in Asia and he extended the invitation to the good folks at the FA of Malaysia.

HD says: It's all about marketing and branding.


  1. HD says: It's all about marketing and branding.

    very true

    We have to first resign ourself to accept that we are an at particular standard, you can shout and scream revamp, reorganize and what not, we not that great. Face the reality, then build from it, yes Cardiff QPR etc etc gonna call us but its ridiculous to think we gonna pull on their colors

    While I may get slammed for speaking such thing this are facts... lets build, be brave enough to say ok this is our level, what it takes to grow. Let build, let make decision, implement policies that challenge the norm, coz the bigger picture is out there

  2. the punjabi connection

  3. we are 20 years behind japan...haha


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