Chong Wei isn't a mascot.

“Let’s put it this way, our focus is still the Olympics. If Chong Wei is fit, I’m sure he will play. If he is not fit, then there is no point forcing."

Those were the words of Lee Chong Wei's coach Tey Seu Bock.

The inaugural Axiata Cup starts today. Honestly, I am all for tournaments that will help excite and further promote the sport.

But tournaments can still be popular - with or without the world No 1 - if the marketing is done right.

Malaysia will play tonight at the KLBA Stadium in Cheras and they are expected to start playing from 10pm onwards (as first match starts at 8pm).

Ironically, the matches in Jakarta starts at 1pm today.

The dateline for most newspapers are at 11pm. It remains to be seen how many people will swing by that late on a Friday night - the same night where roads will be closed for the preparation of the Police Day celebrations and a concert at KLCC in conjunction with the F1.

I hope I am wrong though.

And as for Chong Wei. If he wants to play, fine he should play. If he doesn't want to play, respect that. Remember he is a professional athlete and not anyone's mascot.

Read all about Chong Wei's participation in the Axiata Cup in today's Mailsport.

HD says: I truly wish the organisers of the Axiata Cup all the best.


  1. Can we just LCW alone to prepare himself.....all this attention = pressure!

  2. Unfortunately for LCW is that he is the only capable badminton player the country has currently. He'll be retiring in 2013 after the World Championship and BAM is still not able to produce any credible players. Bear in mind that Zulfadli is our next hopeful and he's not the result of BAM's development program(if any).

    BAM is just on makan gaji mode. Semua orang BAM mau gaji, tapi kerja tak buat.


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