Malaysia now 152

A quick update on this month's Fifa ranking:

1. Spain
2. Netherlands
3. Germany
98. Vietnam
139. Thailand
147. Indonesia
150. Singapore
157. The Philippines
173. Laos
177. Myanmar

Ok, now we're better than The Philippines, Laos and Mynmar but still are certainly a long way from Vietnam.

Take note that winning the AFF Suzuki Cup does not contribute to the points of the Fifa standings as Fifa's affiliate in this region is the AFC and not the AFF. (Note: Devinder has pointed out that AFF Suzuki Cup matches "are considered friendly matches and thus receive the lowest weights when computing points for the rankings").

Also take note that winning the gold medal at the Sea Games does not contribute any points as it is an Under-23 tournament and not participated by the senior national team.

Also, do take note that some people say the Fifa ranking is not everything as it depends on the number of matches a team plays and the quality of the opponents.

So can the same argument can be used for major final exams? Scoring all As in SPM does not reflect the true potential of the student of his five years in secondary school?

HD says: I had to google earth Sao Tome and Principe, a country that is ranked 115 to find out it is an island in the Gulf of Guinea (in Africa).


  1. FAM tunggu jawapan mereka pasti lawak *"GEN.SEC pun pakai baju Man UTD pi stadium TRW vs NAVIbank*kesian kita pada FAM ,promosi Aff SUZUKI CUP Malaysia sebagai tuan rumah pun, hambar(langsung tiada ),,friendly sibuk buat dengan kelab, Mcmana nak naik ranking, DAN LEBIH baik KALAU .presiden FAM meletak jawatan secepat mungkin.

  2. Actually, the Suzuki Cup matches do count towards the rankings. But they are considered friendly matches and thus receive the lowest weights when computing points for the rankings. In any case, the 2010 Suzuki Cup matches have been devalued by 50% based on the rankings' time-scale, as points won earlier decrease in value over time.

  3. I think our ranking should improve slightly later on since we've been invited to have friendlies with all those bigger teams like Australia, Saudi etc.


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