Confused piorities

"MAU to investigate source of leaked report"Link

That was the sub-header of Devinder Singh's report 'Karim faces another inquiry' in today's NST.

The federation, had in its recent meeting, apparently discussed how the 'investigative report on six national athletes who skipped dope tests last year was leaked to the media on Thursday'.

It is claimed that only three individuals - the president Shahidan Kassim, deputy president Karim Ibrahim and vice president R.Annamalai - were the only ones with the report.

It is shocking that instead of spending time addressing the contents of the report, the national body prefers to waste time finding out who leaked the report to the Media.

What is more important?

Addressing the fact that athletes have been advised to "use someone else's urine sample" and and are supplied with "pink and red pills" and "herbal pills"?

Or the itch to search for the the person who leaked the report (which should have been made public months ago).

I call it confused priorities.

Then again, everyone is confused. Is the once known Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union now known as the Malaysian Athletics Union or the Malaysian Athletics Federation?

According to their internal letters and report, they are known as MAF. After all, they should know their name better - or do they?

HD says: Oh well...


  1. instead of expediting matters and instruct the inquiry committee to convene,
    MAF/MAU/KOM/POM discussed:

    1. Why Hamberi and Rajemah gave away the medals to the 4x400m quartet

    2. Who leaked the report

    3. Why Rizal Hashim urged the Minister and Sports Commissioner to take action against the federation on TV

    4. How did the petition fall into the media's hands?

    MAF/MAU/KOM/POM is one class act...


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