A 'Pakatan' to ruin football?

This video - Teacher sees purple at white glove rally - caught my attention earlier today.

I admit I was not there at the field. If I was, I would surely have a field day writing about it in The Malay Mail.

We see this sudden urge of making our voices heard. That is good - but not at the expense of school children training on the field.

After having viewed this video several times and reading up about this rally, I have to take my hats off to the coach for standing up for his children and their training programme.

It is only in this country where fields and stadiums are used for concerts, parades and yes, now even for demonstrations. Sadly, these are the same people who then take pot shots at the standards of our football and lambast the quality of our fields. However, it could be a rugby team training there and it's even worse as there is no proper dedicated rugby stadium in the country.

The video is self-explanatory for there will be certain quarters who will then quickly claim I have been paid by the government to write such an article.

Judging from my exposes on the Sports Ministry 'investing' in villas in Port Dickson, keeping mum about the millions they obtain from lottery giants Sports Toto annually and revealing that the national jersey project - with the collaboration of a telecommunication company - hit a snag (which has now gone to court), I doubt the government will offer me money.

What I would like to say to politicians from the ruling government and the opposition is that - if you want to champion your rights and the rights of your followers, please do so by all means.

But don't ever make the mistake of messing around with grassroots sports. There was certainly a better way of handling the situation.

Note: Do not take this posting as me being ignorant over the political situation of our country which I admit has a lot to improve. And don't try to pull the "I'm a lawyer" stunt on me like most of them love doing - you ain't the only one legal qualification.

HD says: I guess most involved in the rally should have joined the training session to erm, let me say it politely, 'keep fit'.


  1. From the shirts worn by the coaches, they're from Bintang Rugby Club. Every weekend they'll conduct rugby training for kids at Padang Utara PJ. For free if I'm not mistaken.

  2. Your title makes people think what you say about being paid to write for the goverment. Agree with you on the coach's stand. The people who are demanding their rights denied the right of children to play! Go Coach! Salut!

  3. "And don't try to pull the "I'm a lawyer" stunt on me like most of them love doing - you ain't the only one legal qualification." hehe dont mess with this one.

  4. Buddy, y never right abt fam and its db against annuar m?

  5. Typical Pakatan double standard hypocrites!


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