We are not fools!

Those were pretty much the words of National Sports Institute CEO Dr Ramlan Aziz.

One wouldn't blame Ramlan for such an outburst. He has, over and over, advised athletes not to be ignorant when it comes to medicines and supplements. Yet, they don't seem to listen.

So if an athlete tried to sneak in someone else's urine for an anti-doping test and if several samples of the urine was taken from the same individual, Ramlan said the "physical characteristics" of the urine will raise suspicion.

If the same was practiced for a medical test, then Ramlan said the athlete is on the losing end as he or she will not benefit form the test.

He clarified NSI has not been using Centrum for years and never used Antibol-loges, as claimed by former chief coach Harun Rasheed to the investigation panel on Sept 12, 2011.

And he stressed former athletes have "no business" supplying pills - or in this case herbal pills - to athletes, as published in the front page of today's The Malay Mail and here.

Now the million dollar question - who paid for these pills and supplements?

Note: I called Malaysia Athletics Federation president Shahidan Kassim three times. He sent me a text message saying he was "in a meeting". I replied the text message identifying myself and asked when would be the best time to call. He did not reply and when I tried calling, he had apparently off his phone.
I then contacted MAF vice-president R.Annamalai and he said; "I'm in a meeting" before abruptly ending the phone call. He did not reply my text message and my subsequent phone calls.

HD says: No class!


  1. wah Shahidan Kassim responded to your text message? That's cool bro! for he has never responded to mine! hahahhaha. I heard MAU/MAF council members too have problems getting through...hehehehe...

  2. Mole, he perhaps he replied coz he didn't know it was the AWSJ calling?

    Lepas tu tak jawap what hehhe

    note: AWSJ = Award Winning Sports Journalist, bukan Asian Wall Street Journal.

    Fowler is God, but Kenny will always be the King

  3. OH AWSJ award winning sports journo...

    but i was also AWSJ hahhahahahhahahhahha


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