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TSAM-FAM fiasco a big fat joke.

Hello Mr Haresh,

Actually saya adalah follower setia blog foul. Sangat meminati cara saudara dalam menyentuh apa jua isu berkaitan sukan negara. Disini saya ingin bertanya tentang pandangan peribadi saudara berkaitan apa yang dikatakan oleh Tan Sri Annuar Musa berkaitan skuad K.Rajagopal. Secara peribadi, saya telah mendengar secara jelas interview berkenaan dan saya dapati tidak ada sebarang isu yang perlu diperbesarkan kerana dalam banyak2 point yang diberikan, kenapa angle kritikan itu yang dihighlight kan? Saya dapati lately cemuhan daripada wartawan seperti Wan Fakhrul,Ahmad Khawari Isa, Fina Nasrom, Rizal Hashim berkaitan perkara ini. Adakah wartawan sekarang terlalu biased atau hipokrit skrang?

Saya pernah terbaca kritikan terbuka Rizal Hashim terhadap K.Rajagopal dan adakah skrang ni you merasakan skuad kebangsaan kita benar2 di landasan tepat untuk mempertahankan piala AFF sedangkan kita tak pernah menang sejak tersingkir daripada Kelayakan Piala Dunia?

Apa pandangan saudara berkaitan perkara ini?

I obtained this email earlier today. Many, prior to this email, had asked my thoughts - through email and twitter - about the Annuar Musa-FAM fiasco.

My thoughts?

1. The writers have their right to comment about the matter. I am not going to comment about their writings as we are all sportswriters and we respect each and every opinion.

2. Annuar Musa gave his views over the national team only to later say his words were 'twisted'. What I don't understand is why the need to discredit members of the Press by calling them 'bodoh' and not standing by his own words?

3. Annuar Musa is a respected man in Kelantan and holds the deputy president's post in FAM. Why the need to use Facebook to throw tantrums?

4. Annuar Musa must remember he is a member of FAM and as such there should be some form of solidarity. He may not like or even talk with certain officials but that is between him and the said individuals. It must not come at the expense of national football. If one does not understand what solidarity is, refer to point No 1.

5. Having said that, one must not forget Annuar Musa's contributions to Kelantan FA. We must admit that football in Kelantan - from the marketing aspect to the level of professionalism - is a league above the other teams in Malaysia.

6. It must be noted, there are officials and individuals who are using this episode to discredit Annuar Musa. As an example - a high ranking official recently approached members of the Press after a Press conference at Wisma FAM asking why they didn't ask about Annuar Musa's statement. Not cool lah.

7. The FAM constitution needs a major overhaul. The constitution allows for such silly episodes to take centre stage. Example - Hamidin Amin is the Selangor FA secretary and the FAM Competitions Committee chairman. One may see this as a serious conflict of interest but don't blame Hamidin for the constitution allows him to wear both caps.

8. Annuar Musa must decide if he wants to be part of FAM or remain the leader of the Kelantan FA. I am fully aware he is rather disheartened with several individuals and there are two opposing camps within the national body. I am also fully aware that his MSL Sdn Bhd has had a lot of problems trying to introduce new concepts and structures within a national body that still thinks it is stuck the 1970s. And I am sure Annuar Musa is going to sorely miss former MSL CEO Stuart Ramalingam.

9. K.Rajagobal has always maintained his aim is the 2015 Asian Cup. He has admitted we will face an uphill battle in the AFF Suzuki Cup later this year and he will quit if he fails his 2015 mission. Some may not be happy with his selection process and some say he is always full of excuses. I say, only results matter and a man should be judged by what he produces. If he's good, he deserves the accolades. If he fails, out he goes.

10. Last but not least, I find this whole fiasco as a big fat joke. I believe we have better things to concentrate on and if some people feel the Media is 'stupid', then I suggest to my fellow friends and bloggers alike not to waste time on such individuals and concentrate at the school level instead. At least we are assured school kids aren't fixing matches.

Also, I have refused to write about this earlier especially in The Malay Mail for I do not want my articles be used as a tool by certain quarters to pursue their personal agenda.

I hope this answers your email Haziri.



  1. bang, saya baca komen presiden fam semalam. saya rasa presiden tidak diberi info yang tepat. ada pembawa agenda yang cuba merosakkan hubungan presiden dgn tsam.

    1. semua nak berkuasa dalam FAM.Itulah yang berlaku dalam persatuan-persatuan sukan di Malaysia.Tengoklah KOAM dan PSM macam-macam kontroversi.Politik dalam sukan ,sukan mesti berpolitik.Jadi pada takuk lamalah sukan di Malaysia.

  2. for me...

    if TSAM is proved in violating the rules of FAM, then he should be punished. We create the rules as a demarcation in avoiding something bad and must be respected and followed by all members.

    However, as we can see that all his statement are correct. No one can doubt that statement. FAM must take immediate action to Harimau Malaya's team.

    kemahkemim says; don't you think president should leave his post also??? There are many people have an ability and capability than him.

  3. abang haresh, with due respect,
    i. the president should go n give way to one of the deputies to take over FAM asap. we respect the president so much because he is one of the sultans in our country but as FAM president , he is a laughing stock... no clear vision and mission for our national football, sorry to say.
    ii. our current writers r so bloody sensitive for nothing and take it so personal n looks like taking along SAM agst one particular high ranking football official i.e. Anuar Musa. this anuar is a cock sure politician but SAM, thru their president khawari, n also famous blogger rizal, should not politice the issue because of the word bodoh etc. all of them could arrange for dailogue to save FAM n SAM n you haresh can be the mediator.
    iii. rajagopal, i think, is hiding behind the manager cum state politician, subahan. there is a lot for mr raja to do more to improve our national soccer team...
    iv. long live SAM n long live FAM!

    1. I agree with all your points above. Tan Sri Annuar's view is right I think. Our national team is not improving. I cant accept the fact that we lost to Singapore in the pre-World Cup. The biggest blunders that Raja made was fielding Sharbinee during the first leg in S'pore. Our national team never improved after that. To be honest I have more hope in Kim Swee's team

  4. HD..I visit your blog quite regularly as most of the time your opinions are on the unbiased side. But when you start questioning commentators on why they disagree with reporters masquerading as experts in a field that their only contribution is giving their two cents worth; you (excuse me if me if you take as a personal comment) become amateurish. Sports journalists can comment voice their opinions; but please realize you are doing a job which your measurement of success is by your circulation. Controversy sells and sports "journos" look for controversy. But the moment readers start commenting, giving these "experts" a run for their money; signing of as anon...u guys get worked up...throwing subtle insults, questioning the commentators intentions and so forth. Which Is more important who says what or what has been said? As an anon, I comment for a level playing field, for the people who can't answer cause of a multitude of reasons. Cheers bro! As for anon 4.34 i agree with you; but the coach can only work with the players that available; make him the Director of Development and evaluate him in 10 years; when his plans should bring results. Remember Sir Alex Ferguson nearly got sacked but was saved by the proverbial bell and now is recognized as the most successful football manager; presiding for more than a quarter of a century with a team!

  5. Hello HD.

    I'm having nausea, headaches and back pains at the moment, so I can't write about much. So I'll go straight to the point, or points actually: -

    1. Tan Sri Annuar Musa was correct; there is something wrong with Datuk K Rajagobal's handling of the national team. I think he (Raja) is feeling a great pressure in his job, the pressure of being successful (winning the 2009 SEA Games and 2010 AFF Cup), so as you know, the Malaysian sports culture all this while shows athletes or teams looking for excuses not to win or repeat their successes due to pressure. It's like someone don't dare to beat records included in the World Book of Records, as that would be extremely hard. If someone do try, almost manage to or even set a new record, he/she would definitely think a great pressure to repeat/better it would be put on his/her shoulder.So better enough to try to go into the Malaysian Book of Records. But then again, THAT might bring some pressure too...

    2. Tan Sri Annuar Musa was guilty though he was right. As someone who is supposed not to have the authority to make the criticisms, he should not do it, though he was right. He should know about it, so he must face the consequences now.

    3. If Tan Sri Annuar Musa thinks he was right, why tried to defend himself by saying he wa misquoted in Facebook? Right eh, HD?

    I see I've written long enough. I must be getting better, I think....


    Winston W, Kuching

  6. Andai TSAM dihukum dan digantung dari FAM dan KAFA bermakna beliau berpeluang untuk lebih lantang dari luar untuk memberi kritikan. Bola sepak Kelantan sedikit terkehadapan bukan kerana usaha TSAM semata-mata tetapi usaha berpasukan TSAM dan ahli-ahli KAFA yang lain.

    Untuk FAM, tiada guna jika hanya menggantikan individu tertentu sahaja di peringkat pengurusan tertinggi jika sistem kerja, protokol, prosedur dan undang-undang yang digunapakai tiada sebarang perubahan yang signifikan untuk lebih maju.

    To make people change, you must change first...

  7. Malaysian football is going nowhere if you do not allow constructive criticism as per what Annuar Musa's comments. I think its about time that the top two should go. Haresh, even if you look into the structure of our national league, the format changed every year since the semi-pro days. Its all to suit several favourite team (Selangor and Pahang). As a journalist, I'm sure you noticed this (i.e the format changed). Deep inside though I'm still hoping that our national team would improve one day but I dont see that happens if we stick to the same management.

  8. I think everyone forget to mention that in the past few months, our NATIONAL TEAM has been involved in several number of friendlies more with STATE TEAMS rather than other national team, while other countries were playing theirs among each other. As a normal local football lover, and I believe there are many people like me would ask the same question; What the heck is wrong with FAM, arranging friendlies with state teams???

  9. The joker will go but the circus still go on

  10. Senang cite mcm nih la... kehadiran TSAM tidak dialu alukan di dalam FAM..... Tan Sri berjaya menaikkan Kelantan dlm masa beberapa tahun.... ada org dlm FAM cemburu dgn Kejayaan..... dan kehadiran TSAM dlm FAM dari undian bukan lantikkan sbb tu beliau diberikan peranan ntah ape2 dlm FAM... Pengerusi Bola Sepak Wanita Malaysia??????

  11. Betul tu Anonymous.Budaya yes boss dan menjadi pak turut yang setia pada boss sudah sinonim dengan sukan malaysia.semua ni untuk mempertahan kedudukan masing2 dlm persatuan.Di mana kredibility pegawai2 sukan kita??? x guna mencari calon2 hebat untuk jawatan dlm persatuan yng akhirnya menjadi pak turut dan boneka semata.


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