Police officer a bookie?

The Johor Prince strikes again!

Known for his tough stand against football corruption, Tengku Ismail Ibrahim dropped a bomb on his twitter page saying;

"D7 Officer is one of the bookies in JOHOR. Also involve in other crimes. To be Transfer out with Immediate Effect!"

That's a serious allegation and I'm sure Federal Secret Societies, Gambling and Vice (D7) CID principal assistant director, Abdul Jali Hassan - the good and humble man he is - will not be too pleased with such news implicating one of his men.

For the record, Abdul Jalil is part of the FA of Malaysia (FAM) recently formed Integrity Unit set up to tackle match-fixing in the country.

HD says: Tuanku, we share one thing in common when it comes to match-fixing. It would be great if we could collaborate.


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