Boy oh boy...

A quick round up;

1. Former Malaysian Hockey Confederation(MHC) secretary Maninderjit Singh (aka Mike) finally says goodbye - via email as seen here. The tone of the email was unlike national doubles coach Rexy Mainaky's body language as the Indonesian was full of laughter and even cracked a joke (Tonight) after announcing his resignation yesterday.

2. National hockey coach Tai Beng Hai attempt to defend himself - after The Star published the contents of his report to MHC - is 'full of holes' as seen here. Is it true Beng Hai is contemplating to initiate legal action against the newspaper and a blogger?

Last but not least

3. The FA of Malaysia (FAM) is not perturbed over Malaysia's rather consistent slide down the Fifa ranking. Malaysia is now placed at 156 - behind Bangladesh (152).

HD says: Oh what an interesting way to end the week.


  1. dear foul, i read your take about taekwondo. easy to say that the likes of t.kumar akan behind all this. just wandering, does this mean ocm's elections is also null and void? the wrong association representetd the sport. they also contested and won. how la?

  2. Precious FAM. I still remember when they dreamed of a top 130 ranking. Now the ranking doesn't matter :) Funny how things change.

    1. Bro...its not funny anymore...seems like full of bullsh!+....
      FAM= For Ajudin Matters
      FAM= For Anak Menantuku...


  3. Judin...ko deny la slagi ko noleh judin...sume org da menyampah...dari isu tiket free utk menantu, isu isu tsam, mcm lah...better ko resign je la....

  4. If FAM said that FIFA's ranking is no longer their priority so how do we judge them? What's their KPI? Bear in mind that the last time that Malaysia qualified to the Olympics (1980 Moscow) was during Tan Sri Hamzah's reign!!! What is the best achievement by the current management?


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