Executive 'overruling' the judiciary?

A bad law is still law.

Before anyone jump the gun, let me make it clear here that both the FA of Malaysia (FAM) president Sultan Ahmad Shah (pic) and his son FAM deputy president Tengku Abdullah are trying their best to diffuse the tensed (but rather comical) situation surrounding the FAM-Annuar Musa fiasco.

Tengku Abdullah is keen to correct the wrong - but sadly it gives the presumption that the executive can overrule the judiciary in FAM.

Sultan Ahmad, meanwhile, is right not to support his son's plans of trying to play mediator for he has to be seen supporting the decision made by the Disciplinary Board.

Now who is the clown (or clowns) that has (or have) placed Sultan Ahmad and Tengku Abdullah in such a sticky situation?

Here are my questions;

1) If a “review” means reexamining the DB’s decision, isn’t this interfering with the DB, presumably an independent entity?

2) By Tengku Abdullah speaking against the DB’s decision, does it not contradict Article 88? Does this mean Tengku Abdullah will be be hauled up by the DB?

3) Why wasn’t Tengku Abdullah privy to the details of the alleged incident or not informed about last week’s hearing?

4) Why wasn’t he, or the president Sultan Ahmad, advised about what was said and what really transpired to allow some form of internal mediation before dragging the matter to the DB?

5) Why didn’t the DB clarify with Tengku Abdullah if his statement on Feb 4 was a “titah” or “advice”? Also, aren’t Tengku Abdullah and Annuar Musa of equal standing in FAM, so will it matter if Tengku Abdullah gave a “titah”?

6) Why didn’t anyone try to “review” the DB’s decision when it slapped coaches B. Satianathan and Reduan Abdullah with bans for merely speaking about fixtures in the M-League?

7) Why is the statute so draconian that one cannot appeal against a decision?

Read my commentary in today's Mailsport - A bad law is still law, unfortunately for more.

HD says: Let's be rationale about this whole matter and only then we will see who made the right decisions and who screwed up big time.


  1. semakin hari semakin lucu lah situasi ni Haresh..

    kita semua just wait and see lah apa nak jadi ngan bola Malaysia nih.. menang kita sorak kalah kita diam..

    p/s :kirim salam pada Dato Rizal Hashim kerana komen2 bernas beliau dalam rancangan Kafe Sukan semalam..

  2. POLITICS everywhere!!!

    1. Someone is trying to protect his interest...
    2. FAM for "FAMily" members only...
    3. Some reporters or journalist who are really bold to condemn on KOAM but seems like 'coward' on FAM...not only for this TSAM issue, but overall performance of FAM president for his 28 yrs of service...
    4. Punishments due to fans were published and given to some states who are so called "anak tiri".

    Macam-macam adaaaa...

  3. Isnt there an avenue for appeal in FAM? I thought that all association got appeal process one. Maybe different rules in FAM. What is 88 ah?

  4. Tell the Royalty to relaxla. Relax like the man on d street. No need kacau2. Sit also must have yellow seat in sports. Sorry cant express further...I m...puking..

  5. Lets not waste time into Mas football.. FED UP!!!!!


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