What's the REAL story?

The Johor AAA claim they are yearning for change - as seen here.

They claim they have got the support of many of the states AAA including FT.

But FTAAA dismissed those claims by saying "they support the majority" and it should not be misconstrued as FTAAA supporting Tunku Ismail.

“Our (FTAAA) council have not met, so how can we decide who we should be backing? Our council will discuss the matter when the nomination forms are out and only then we will decide."

Read more here.

Insiders claim most of the state representatives were unaware of the attempt to bring in Tunku Ismail until they were asked to "menghadap Tunku Ismail" by Johor AAA. When they met Tunku Ismail, they were all apparently in their "bodek mode".

If these bunch of people really claim they yearn for changes, then they should know that Tunku Ismail - with all due respect - is not a suitable candidate as he already has his hands full with Johor FA.

Tunku Ismail has got big plans for the southern football team and not everyone can play president to 101 associations.

So that leaves us with Danyal Balagobal Abdullah. Is he the right candidate? I don't know but those who have worked with him in the past should know better.

HD says: Who ever comes in need to make radical changes for the good of the Malaysian athletics scene.


  1. Spot on Dato' Danyal; professional and task orientated. The screataries are clamouring for change? Easy, step down and let others take over. Most of you if not all are retirees; devoid of ideas, suck up to Karim and Dato' Shahidan for free beers and money! For the sake of athletics in the country; leave!

  2. One must look for capabilities and not whether you are tengku or a tuanku. Its common knowledge that the council members do not question the royalties even when they are wrong. They are too 'nice' to put the royalties in the right path. What Malaysian athletics need is a leader who can command respect and at the same time have solid and workable plans for the future of athletics. The only one man who stand out is non other than Admiral Danyal. His long term plans that received cabinet committee's approval was later buried by Karim & Gang. Now is the time to revive malaysian athletics.

    I hear he is too busy with OCM activities. Is that true?

  3. One man cannot be a royalti and President at the same time. In Malaysian athletics it won't work la brader. Tell the Royalties not to embarrass themselves la. They can't do magic. Going by his age, he is still considered a boy many in MAU. Want to be President then be sporting and don't throw your royalty weight around. What can he do for MAU? state FA maybe he can run la after all all Johor people will Kow tow.


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