Raja: We must win at all costs

IT is obvious national coach K.Rajagobal (pic) is tired of speaking about Malaysia's 156 position in the Fifa ranking.

To silence his critics once and for all, he has demanded nothing less than a win from his lads as the Tigers take on Sri Lanka in an international friendly match at the Shah Alam Stadium on Saturday.

"It's simple, I've told the boys to focus on the match this Saturday and I want us to win. That's it," said Rajagobal firmly.

"I don't want to dwell about rankings and I don't want to talk about those questioning our capabilities. We have not lost a single match since 2012 and that's a fact."

Rajagobal added the training has been smooth sailing as he plans to try out several faces. It is a crucial year for the Tigers as they gear up to defend their Asean Cup title in December.

This will be Malaysia’s seventh meeting with the Sri Lankans since the Merdeka Tournament in 1972 as the Malaysians have won five out of their six previous outings.

Malaysia defeated Sri Lanka 4-1 in the group stage of the Merdeka Tournament and beat them 3-1 in the Asian Cup qualifiers four years later. The Tigers managed 2-0 and 3-1 wins in two friendly matches in 2000. Malaysia played Sri Lanka twice in another series of friendly matches in 2007 - having won their first match 4-1 before losing 2-1 in the second match in Colombo.

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HD says: All the best to Rajagobal and his lads.



    pls dont make a joke lah RG..We all know you're not interested with the result and ranking. The most important for you is the combination, to try again and again...

    lets see what will be happened at SSA this saturday..

  2. 2011 Matches:
    Feb 2011: Malaysia 2-0 Hong Kong (KL)
    Jun 2011: Hong Kong 1-1 Malaysia (HKG)
    Jun 2011: Malaysia 2-0 Myanmar (KB)
    Jul 2011: Malaysia 2-1 Chinese Taipei (KL)
    Jul 2011: Chinese Taipei 3-2 Malaysia (Taipei)
    Jul 2011: Singapore 5-3 Malaysia (SGP)
    Jul 2011: Malaysia 1-1 Singapore (KL)
    Oct 2011: Australia 5-0 Malaysia (Canberra)
    Nov 2011: India 1-1 Malaysia (Guwahati)
    Nov 2011: India 3-2 Malaysia (Calcutta)
    *Jul 2011: Malaysia 0-4 Arsenal
    Jul 2011: Malaysia 3-6 Liverpool
    Jul 2011: Malaysia 0-1 Chelsea (KL)

    2012 Matches
    Feb 2012: Philippines 1-1 Malaysia (Manila)

    We have not won a single match since July 2011 and that's a fact.

  3. Pak Man harap M'sia akan menang kali ini.......kita dah lama tak menang!
    Memang lah 2012 kita belum kalah.......
    tapi ingat lah.....kita juga belum menang!

  4. Pak Man,

    Memang la belum kalah, dah game pun 1 je...itu yang RG nak banggakan???2011??


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