TMJ slams FAM

I've checked with FAM. According to them, they have no clue of such news. In fact, if there's any decision or changes in Johor Football. I my self will announce it in a press conference during our annual general meeting.

That was taken from Johor FA president Tunku Ismail Idris Sultan Ibrahim's twitter account.

Then the Johor Prince went on to say (picture);

There was never a request to FAM by Johor FA to have two teams next season. ESPN and FAM get your facts right before coming out with such statement.

ESPN had merely lifted NST's article - Brunei eye return to M-League.

The article read;

Meanwhile, Johor FA, under the leadership of Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, had submitted a request to FAM to have two state teams for next season but the national body rejected it.

So what's the real deal?

HD says: Will Tunku Ismail face the Disciplinary Board for his outburst on twitter - in breach of the infamous and draconian Article 88 of the FAM Statute? (sic)


  1. macan, latest gossip, lot of campaigning for the vacant post of ceo of msl. he he he, you know who is campaingning hard...ask the fam officials, they have received sms-ses from somebody's mother.

  2. AZZUDDIN...



    kemahkemim says; no discrimination pls!!!!


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