Supporting local football

Some love it;

Terbaik Bro..semoga create more video yg kreatif lagi menarik mcm ni :D

crasus36 16 hours ago

One made a different remark;

aku suka pikir negatif..

yg negatif drpd video ni ialah :

1. orang kelantan suka cari gaduh

2. orang kelantan berani bila ramai

3. orang kedah suka cakap putar belit (loyar buruk)

brigedalaqsa 17 hours ago

Whatever the case may be, this creative video which was uploaded on YouTube recently urges us to support local teams and not just for the FA Cup semi final.

Hope to see more of such videos.

HD says: Not bad eh..


  1. bendera kl/wilayah gak x de..typical..neway..great vid altogether..


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