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I was with The Star's Rajes Paul at Wisma OCM this morning as the both of us were invited to mark and select the winner for the Asian Games Youth Reporter essay writing competition by school children in KL. It is part of the Olympic Council of Asia's programme which is facilitated by the Olympic Council of Malaysia here.

Naturally we spoke about the pictures splashed on the back page of most dailies today - pictures of world No 1 shuttler Lee Chong Wei and National Sports Council director general Zolkples Embong shaking hands.

Both Chong Wei and Zolkples apologised for their outbursts and decided to kiss and make up. Read here, here and here.

Do refer to my earlier postings pertaining the outbursts as seen here and here.

After the meeting, Zolkples was quoted saying;

"I was also under pressure from the media and I said jokingly that we have to offer RM200,000 to make sure Chong Wei attends the function. I even said sorry to him during our discussion today (yesterday)." (NST)

"Sebab itu apabila saya ditanya (media) saya pun tak dapat nak beri penjelasan kenapa beliau tidak dapat hadir kerana saya cuma diberitahu secara ringkas beliau tidak hadir dan diwakili oleh abangnya.

Saya menjelaskan kepada Chong Wei bahawa saya 'ditekan' oleh kamu semua (media) ketika ditemu bual malam itu... ada wartawan tanya betulkah dia besar kepala dan betulkah duit RM20,000 tidak cukup. Saya sebenarnya tiada komen mengenainya. 

Cuma saya secara berjenaka menyatakan 'tak kan nak naik sampai RM200,000', namun ia (diambil serius media) dilaporkan pada hari berikutnya." (Utusan)

Chong Wei, meanwhile, was quoted as saying;

"I know that the media have been trying to speak to me when I was seeking treatment for the injured shoulder and also over the last couple of days but I was under a lot of pressure.

I have to take it in my stride if I am called big-headed and arrogant. I am sincere in what I am doing and I have to continue working hard." (NST)

Judging by the comments above, is the Media made into the scapegoat? Hmm..

Moving along, several hockey coaches seem to have a beef with Zolkples as reported in The Star today.

NSC director general Datuk Zolkples Embong had said that he supported the idea of hiring a foreign coach as the locals had lost the respect of the players, especially following the tabling of the report on the failed Olympic campaign.

Who will play cupid between the hockey coaches and Zolkples this time around?

Pic of Chong Wei and Zolkples shake hands at the NSC office in Bukit Jalil yesterday by Yazit Razali (NSTP).

HD says: By the way, what's the story between BA of Malaysia and Maybank? All ok there?? :)


  1. Dua2 senyum kambing. That's the level of maturity of our top athlete and administrator. To the administrator, in time to come your true self will be revealed. Your insipid denial might hoodwink your supporters in Bkt Jalil but not the public at large. To the athlete, the pressure of winning the first Olympic gold is beginning to take its toll. Everyone apart from him is at fault.
    How are we going to progress?

  2. Is there suppose to be any story between Maybank and BAM?
    Looks more like just a regular sponsor and sponsoree relationship. Nothing special or exciting coming from Maybank and BAM.

  3. Well.. those who know Zol sure knows, he's lying :)


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