"I would like to review the Statute"

Hopefully that sentence will not get FA of Malaysia (FAM) deputy president Tengku Abdullah Shah into trouble (sic).

The Pahang prince was accommodating to the questions fielded with regards to his statement of playing mediator and his father's (FAM president Sultan Ahmad Shah) disapproval of his act.

This is obviously in relation to the Annuar Musa-FAM fiasco. Do refer to my earlier postings regarding the issue.

When asked if this matter could have been solved internally instead of dragging Annuar to the Disciplinary Board, Tengku Abdullah smiled before saying:

“You said it. I’d rather not comment.” (smiling)

Read more in today's Mailsport.

HD says: Finally, someone is taking the initiative to review the Statute.


  1. OHHH dimana MEDIA arus perdana,berilah perhatian serius FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking HARIMAU MALAYA dah menjunam 158,apa yang FAM buat,DAN MEDIA sepatutnya lebih proaktif buat liputan besar besaran mengenai kejatuhan ranking,tolonglah lah interview pengkritik sukan tanahair, tolonglah kritik FAM.tranformasikan FAM


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