30 council members heading to London

UPDATE July 10:  As reported in The Star.

Twenty-seven out of the 30 Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) council members have won a free round-trip to London to support the shuttlers at the Olympic Games from the quarter-final stage onwards. 

Three of them have declined the trip.


Some 30 Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) council members will be heading to the London Olympics to lend their "support".

This will certainly receive flak as the same money spent on these "supporters" could be better invested on BAM's development programme.

For the record there will only be six shuttlers - Lee Chong Wei, Koo Kien Keat, Tan Boon Heong, Chan Peng Soon, Goh Liu Ying and Tee Jing Yee - who will represent the country in London.

Nevertheless, BAM secretary Ng Chin Chai (pic) defended of the trip adding the national body was "transparent about the whole matter."

"We're not hiding anything and we're being transparent about it. About 30 of the council members are going to London on a later date to send their support to the national badminton players," said Chin Chai who will be in London as the team manager.

"We made some extra surplus during the Malaysia Open and other tournaments and that is the money used to send the council members."

Chin Chai, however, did not reveal the total cost for the trip.

Meanwhile, top national shuttler Chong Wei is still bullish to net the nation's first Olympic gold medal despite being only 70 percent fit.

"I believe there is still a fighting chance and I will go all out. I doubt I'll be around for the next Olympic so this is perhaps my only opportunity," Chong Wei said after hosting members of the Media for a luncheon at the Juara Stadium yesterday.

"If I do win the gold medal, I will dedicate it to the nation," the Penangite added.
HD says: Hmm....


  1. Penangite or Parit Buntar ???

  2. Oh okay, 30 going huh...but i hope itu singh tak pegi pakai ini duit la, i heard he's going pakai tag media manager LCW, ada patut ka?? Luckily SSD punya blog tak bole komen oooo. CIan Haresh xbole pi olimpik mcm SSD, u kena pandai sikit la mcm SSD guna org len.

  3. sigh....take 100 entourage also does not make any diff, its LCW fitness is that matters...this is unduly pressure to LCW...just say to support and holiday and declare the expenses paid


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