KLFA to be banned?

UPDATE June 14: A letter by the players was handed to the committee during yesterday's meeting. KLFA president Astaman Abdul Aziz had apparently promised to settle all dues by the end of the month.


UPDATE June 13: KLFA's council meeting is scheduled to start at 8.30pm at the KLFA Stadium in Bandar Tun Razak.


Earlier this year, I quoted FA of Malaysia deputy president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah as saying;

One of the reasons for matchfixing lies with the inability of State FAs and clubs to pay the wages of their players on time.

“We will issue them a yellow card (first warning) if they lapse the first month followed by another warning if they fail to pay the players’ wages within two months. If they continue to lapse in payment, we will issue them a red card which could mean the team being banned from the league for the season.”

The full report can be viewed here.

Judging from the above statement, would bottom placed Super League team KL be banned from the league?

It is learnt KL players have not been paid their salaries for the past two months.

Apparently the players have, collectively, written a letter demanding for an explanation from KLFA and will hand it over to the management during a meeting tomorrow night. The players hope to obtain answers before their match against PKNS this Saturday.

It remains unclear if the wages of the President's Cup players (youth team) are paid on time. Every team participating in the Super League are required to field a team in the President's Cup in the name of 'development'.

For the record, KLFA have been struggling to find a main sponsor for the team prior the kick off to the season.

The city team sit at the bottom of the Super League table with three points from 16 matches.

I also wonder what happened to the 'Save KLFA campaign' (pic)? Read here and here to refresh your memory.

HD says: I've said this even before the league started, KL should have just pulled out from the league and concentrate on the developing players instead.


  1. At the start of the season, i was in 2 minds when it was rumoured that KLFA would pulled out from competing in the league and would focus in development instead. Since i supported the team through thick n thin since i was 8 (i'm 33 btw), it's hard for me to swallow the prospect of not seeing my team in the league anymore. I witness KL pulled out from their doldrums every single year and thought it could again this year. Unfortunately the crisis has reached its limit and this yr mgmt could not survive. I now feels that i agreed with u HD that KL should pull out altogether from the M-League and focus on development. Players from academy could generate income for KLFA and it should be invested wisely for the future is KL are to compete again. But for now, pulling out is the best solution since the mgmt sucks at their duty bar the president. Stop the cruelty to the playing staff.

  2. bring lah manchester and arsenal. football will improve if more entertainment like this.

  3. agree with with. don't waste time with all that matches. focussed on develope....enouth of people are taking football for a ride...

  4. Well, based on my opinion, I think KLFA should not be disbanded. I think the best way for KLFA is by being relegated to The Premier League. That is the best option. I know that the players and the official were not being paid their salaries for two months, but to be disbanded is not an option. This team represent the capital of Malaysia. It is a pride for many KLites and Malaysia too of course, in indirect way. The problem is, this team is has no main sponsors and partners. Ironic isn't? A team that represent the capital of Malaysia has no any sponsors and partners. But if you look to the other side of the world, mostly in Europe, South America, North America, Central America or maybe even in our continent in Malaysia, those football clubs represent their capital of their country is rich we money resources. In London, they have Chelsea, arsenal, tottenham, qpr. In holland, they have Ajax Amsterdam, in Korea they have FC Seoul. But here in Malaysia, there is no room for Kuala Lumpur. The biggest football club in Malaysia mainly situated in the East Coast, like Kelantan and Terengganu. Kuala lumpur is rich with many multi national companies, government link companies, small medium enterprise, there are hundreds even thousands of small, medium, big, international companies just in KL alone. But why can't just one company sponsor the team? There must be wrong with the organization of the association right? KLFA should have its own CEO, who can oversee the daily operations of the business, Board of Directors, Marketing and Commercial Directors and mangers. They should treat this association like a company. They can forever rely on grants from FAM and the city hall. This is a professional league, and we are in the 21st century, a modern era. Football teams need their own sponsors, without sponsors, they can survive. So the best way for them is to be relegated to the premier league next season. Start from scratch. And the most important thing, sponsors. Not just one, but try bringing as many as possible. I hope they management of KLFA right from the president till the committees do something fast. Hope this comment will open the eyes of KLFA to do something. Just my own opinion. If there is a mistake, I would like to apologize.


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