What's the story Bosko, FAS?

Wechselt Bosko Balaban zum FC Ingolstadt?A not so little bird alerted me that Selangor's Croatian striker Bosko Balaban (pic) is an unhappy man.

Apparently, the former Aston Villa and Dynamo Zagreb forward was supposed to take a "pay cut" due to his "unconvincing performance".

It is unclear if the FA of Selangor initiated or proceeded with such an action.

However, such talks have not disturbed the professional player as he continue to score for the Red Giants including against T-Team recently. He has eight goals thus far under his belt in the Super League.

It's also surprising that those close to Bosko or FAS have not touched on the issue. And I wonder why?

Perhaps someone could shed some light over this episode.

Also, Sabah FA had a meeting yesterday morning and named a handful of players who they "suspect" are on the take. Interestingly, no evidence was produced.

Nevertheless, it was baffling to note the players the management had apparently named did not play in the 9-0 thrashing against LionsXII and the 4-0 defeat to PKNS.

So those who "are apparently on the take" did not play in those matches and yet Sabah suffered embarrasing defeats?

NST had today reported that Justin Ganai is no longer the Sabah coach, as seen here.

Anyone care to explain?

HD says: From now on, it is Haresh Deol, Digital Media Editor, Astro Awani (501). A new chapter, a new ride.


  1. Haresh,care to explain why do they always screen live telecast of Singapore's game (in Super League) on Malaysian TV?

    1. me too...it is unfair to their Malaysian customers.

      BTW, Congrate to you haresh...


    2. How do you explain Sabah beaten by Singapore by 9 goals margin if not for elements of bookies in play.

      Pak Nik

  2. Congrats and hope there will more exclusive from you


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