The fate of the President's Cup

/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=480&catid=54&Itemid=120&lang=enIt was once known as the Burnley Cup. Reforms and years later, it is now known as the President's Cup.

A youth tournament which is believed to unearth talents and as a stepping stone before the players graduate into the professional circle, the President's Cup does not get the attention it deserves.

In fact, it is hardly on the radar that makes it easier for bookies to approach the youngsters in a bid to fix matches. Sad but true.

Then we have teams who fail to pay their players' wages on time. It is not like these President Cup footballers are making millions.

Perak won this year's President Cup after edging NS Betaria 1-0 in the final. The solitary goal was courtesy of Perak skipper Muhd Nurridzuan Abu Hassan.

Read more in Sinar Harian and The Star.

It was disappointing to note that even the FA of Malaysia did not have any write up about the final. Instead, it was just a headline that read Perak Juara coupled with the score line as seen here.

Hopefully more attention will be given to the President's Cup tournament. After all, these are the players that go on to be the next stars of the country.

HD says: More needs to be done for our youth leagues.


  1. Sudah sampai berapa game Kelantan main baru diberitahu yang mereka sudah salah daftarkan pemain.

    That's how much attention FAM were paying on the Piala President's operation.

    And they would only put their claim only on success stories; ie Sport School (I would only imagine that their involvement in operations of Smart School were at a minimum - if there is such a thing).

    p/s Did FAM and clubs / states ever send their scouting personnel (or was it done in a in-house manner eg Piala President players to play in MSL of the same state / club)?


  2. As of now (when I am writing this comment), result of Harimau Muda beating the Phillipines 7-0 in the U-22 Asia Qualification has yet to be announce in Astro 501 newscast.

    Just shooting in the dark here; did anybody produced a directive not to cast a shadow over K. Rajagopal "success stories"?


  3. I agree with you Kamarul. Honestly, I always think that Kim Swee's team played better football than Rajagopal's team. They are much more talented than their seniors.

    Pak Nik

  4. FAM should look at the Premier Reserves League in England. They should follow how the Premier League manage the league. Maybe FAM could implement the Home Grown Talent too?

  5. Why look at the premier league in england?..we should look to other european country that produce better players year in year out..we should look into spain, germany, holland or portugal..the english has no idea on how to nurture young talent..


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