Elections next three weeks?

I bumped into Deputy Sports Minister Razali Ibrahim on Tuesday as he visited Lee Chong Wei at the National Sports Institute jungle gym.

I was politely told that I could not take any snap shots of Razali speaking to Chong Wei while the latter was on the treadmill.

Instead, Razali came up to me as he was exiting the gym. We exchanged pleasantries. NSI's CEO Ramlan Aziz also said hello.

I was more interested to know when would the upcoming General Elections be, and this is what he said;

"If the Prime Minister doesn't make any announcement within the next three weeks, it might as well be done next year.

"There are no issues when the tabling of the budget will be done. 

"I've not heard of any dates yet but I know in Selangor and certain parts of Kedah it's getting quite interesting...with the poster and flags up and the ceramahs.

"Johor is still quite quiet. I was told PKR's Nurul Izzah turun to my place to give a ceramah and there were only about 250 people who attended. Selangor will be the place to watch and perhaps Kedah too.

"An announcement should be made soon, otherwise it could be after Raya or even next year. Interesting times for all of us."

This was also verified by the press secretary of an MIC strong man and several MCA members in Ampang.

HD says: Interesting times indeed....


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