When politicians talk about sports...

...most of the time they just sound darn silly.

I do not know Tan Keng Liang (pic) personally. He is the Kedah Gerakan Youth Chief who is also apparently a lawyer. A quick Google search on him will lead you to articles such as this and this.

However, Keng Liang's tweet on the Malaysia-Singapore football match certainly caught my attention. For the record Malaysia defeated Singapore 2-0 at the Shah Alam Stadium.

It read; "pasukan mana agaknya disokong org DAP bila Malaysia lawan Singapura dlm perlawanan bola sepak sebentar tadi?"

Was the statement warranted and on what basis was the statement made? What was Keng Liang trying to prove? Why the need to bring in political parties for an international friendly match?

By the way, I'm sure our Prime Minister Najib Razak would be pleased with how Keng Liang brought in the #1Malaysia slogan in his tweet on the match. Also, I bet Najib would be even happier if Keng Liang had spelt 'loose' as lose. 

My sincere advice to politicians - just concentrate on your politics and your dreams of trying to make the world a better place. Do not politicise sports and leave sports to the REAL fans.

Note: The author is not affiliated or funded by any political party.

HD says: .......


  1. stupid politician. this is not certainly the person to lead the people. when sport unites people from all backgrounds, people like this try to divide people. i must say again, VERY STUPID.

  2. I think you guys are falling for Tan Keng Liang ....he's smarter than you guys think.
    Just look at what he's saying. You are just helping him to send out the propoganda about DAP & Singapore relationship

  3. Dear Concern, I agree that Tan Keng Liang is a smart fella. Perhaps one of the most upcoming non-Malay leaders in BN.
    That's why he got more than 20,000 following him in Twitter.
    Problem is he should not be in Gerakan

  4. Dear Concern,
    I think you are no smarter than that f~*+ing Tan. The propaganda if that is what your smart brain implies will only work on fools like you. You think Malaysian are as stupid as you?!

  5. bro now you blog about politic to get more viewers??

  6. Anonymous 5:48 PM,
    This is what we call true journalism. Report the truth without fear or favour. It is not about politics, it is about the desecration of the sancity in sport.

    1. Totally agreed. We dont need politicians in sports, period!


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