Thank you Amin...

“I was again criticised in the tournament for being flat-footed. And I felt that it was best for me to quit now."

Having debuted with the national team in the 1999 Sea Games, national hockey player Amin Rahim (pic) has been a regular face with the national team since.

However, the penalty corner specialist believes he has been criticised for his recent unconvincing performance late and decided to hang his stick for good.

Read the full report by Aftar Singh here.

It is amazing how we can learn from athletes for they know when to quit unlike officials at the national and state levels - despite all the criticism - still stick around for decades.

How many states run a proper league in the country? Lack of turfs, is it really an excuse? How many states have developed hockey among the fairer sex? How many states are involved in grassroots?

Thank you for your services Amin. I bet we'd be seeing you on the other side of the pitch soon.

To the hockey officials who shamelessly continue clinging on to their positions for years but fail to bring positive changes to the hockey scene...pathetic indeed.

HD says: All the best Amin.


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