LionsXII 9 Sabah 0

Singapore's LionsXII thrashed Sabah 9-0 in a Super League match last night.

Is there so much of difference in the standard of play among the Super League teams? Are the Singaporeans that strong? Is Sabah that weak?

I didn't watch the match so I rather not comment.

But to lose 9-0? You tell me what is wrong with that scoreline.

Read here and here for the match reports.


HD says: .....


  1. Malaysian football needs a complete overhaul. The politicians @ exco at FAM don't care a damn for what's going with football around the country. You can only put the integrity and honesty logo on jerseys of every player but failed to instil this values in the hearts of these players. Who is to be blamed ??? As long as FAM is treated like a political body , nothing can be done . Let football brains run the country football. Happy fathers day and make sure your children plays football the way it should be played.

    For the good of football


  2. Kaki kanan yang ada 'kencing manis' tapi kaki kiri pula yang kena potong!
    Lucu sungguh!.

  3. Would it not be simpler to fix a match 1-0 than 9-0, what with all the extra attention and scrutiny that comes with a such a scoreline? In any case, I am more inclined to believe that Sabah are that bad a team, they have been rubbish since Baird's injury and were an accident waiting to happen. That it happened against Lionx was probably a coincidence. Btw, 9-0 only equals a super league record: Perak beat Malacca 9-0 away in 2007, don't recall a similar hue and cry then.

  4. FAM got the answer?

  5. singapura baguslah bro - pasukan kita semua lauk belaka, tahniah kepada bolasepak Malaysia

  6. ...and we still think that Singapore doesn't bring agambling elements into our League? FAM knows the answer but choose to ignore it.


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