Time to wake up

Government funding won't last forever and the Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) needs to look into other sources to ensure stability.

That was the promise returning president Abu Samah Wahab gave after the federation's long postponed electoral annual general meeting at the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

The paragraphs above were taken from today's NST, as seen here.

It does not apply to MNCF alone but all the other national associations and sports organisations as well.

It is something that has been raised numerous times before. Yet many of the sports bodies prefer handouts by the government especially through the National Sports Council (NSC).

Most of the state football associations are heavily reliant on funding from the state government. Smaller sports that are not popular or do not have elite athletes do not enjoy any money from government agencies and yet they hardly take the initiative to popularise their sport.

The power of the internet was evident during the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup. Visit Malaysian Hockey for more.
Like him or hate him, Annuar Musa has invaded the cyberworld and his string of Facebook postings over the past two days have been interesting if not damning. Kelantan FA also doesn't seem to need the mainstream Media for they have resorted to the internet. So much so, there is a joke circulating that the Pas government must be doing something right in Kelantan where most of them are online.

Internet aside, sports organisation need to be independent without any interference. Sadly, sports associations allow their administration to be dictated by third parties. 

And to the MNCF president, my meeting with John Beasley and our national cyclists in Melbourne recently revealed that we need more basic facilities - instead of ONE mega state of the art velodrome - in the country as we have been performing well on the tracks instead of the road based on our records.

Speaking of the NSC, Rizal Hashim has embarked on a series on the NSC.

I maintain that professional sports associations no longer need NSC and that the "generous funding" by the NSC should go to the grassroots instead. This is no longer the 1970s.
Sadly, is there any sense of professionalism within our sports bodies?

HD says: Time to wake up


  1. the reason why kelantan people turn to internet is something because of the main stream media fault...sorry to say...becoz some of reporter sendiri yg tak ikut etika kewartawanan...that the main contribution why most of us turn to internet....


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