What is MyCEB?

Not many may know what the Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) is all about.

But trust me, they have been quietly working on many projects in getting world events into Malaysia. Read more of MyCEB here.

I was part of a panelist for Astro Awani's Sports Industry programme at Berjaya Times Square on Friday. It was there I met MyCEB International Events general manager Tony Nagamiah.

Sadly, time didn't permit us to dwell further about MyCEB's future initiatives after the show. But I do know that MyCEB is working closely with the BA of Malaysia (BAM) not only to host the 2013 Sudirman Cup but also other events.

The Star had published an article on MyCEB yesterday.

"For Malaysia, sports tourism accounted for RM5bil last year, a growing segment in its overall tourism revenue of RM58.3bil. Malaysia holds great potential in growing this sector and it is for this reason that it aims to become a major sports tourism destination in the region."

Read more here.

The figures look impressive indeed.

Now, if only a small fraction of that money could go to the grassroots - at the schools (and no I don't mean the one day clinics but a proper year-round programme). Wouldn't that be great?

HD says:  No point hosting major events if we fail to cultivate a sporting culture among the masses.


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