"If we cannot pay, we ask the Government to pay"

12. Is there a lesson in this for Malaysia? I think there is. We in Malaysia like to live well. If we cannot pay for it then we can ask the Government to pay. We believe the Government has unlimited amounts of money to pay for everything.

That was taken from former Primer Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's latest blog posting as seen here

Now this was taken from NST's report 'Astaman vows to lift Kuala Lumpur' as published today.

"But our main concern for next season is to find a funding source. Ideally, I would like to use any money we get from City Hall to run our development programmes, the league and for the administration."

The biggest problem with Malaysian sports is that we are too heavily reliant on government funds. And when that happens, it promotes interference by little Napoleons from the ministry.

I've always maintained that tax payers money should go to the masses and not just the elite few. There is a need for associations to brand and market themselves and promise the private sector a return of investment.

Sadly, even organisers and go-betweens milk cash from the government. There is even a joke among the sports circle that all you need is to place a 1Malaysia logo on your event and one will be ensured money from the government.

Sports is no longer just a government agenda and sports is an industry of its own, a money making industry worth millions if not billions. Wouldn't KL City Hall's money be better spent on maintaining facilities in the city instead?

HD says: No money, don't worry, government will give money. Isn't it fun staying in Malaysia? (sic)


  1. HD said,

    "I've always maintained that tax payers money should go to the masses and not just the elite few."

    I had seen the Malaysian physio-therapy facilities for sports on TV.

    Have you seen the physio-therapy facilities in government hospitals?

    Take a step further; now compare the number of staff per patient in both places.

    Yet,those sports people and officers; so many of them are so ignorant on "nikmat" they're already receiving from the government.


  2. I bet Kelantan is the only team that is run commercially. Credit to Tan Sri Annuar Musa. Other state FAs should emulate them.

    Pak NIk


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