Faizal prefers Spain over Australia

Hockey players obtaining stints abroad is nothing new.

In 2010, Noor Faeez Ibrahim and  Izzat Sumantri featured in the Dutch league.

Faizal Saari and Sukri Abdul Mutalib played for Australian club Adelaide Southern Hotshots last year.

Now Faizal is torn between returning to Adelaide or traveling across the world to play for Spanish outfit Athletic Terrassa Club.

According to The Star's report today, Malaysian Hockey Confederation secretary Johari Aziz  revealed Faizal is the only national player to have received offers to play in the Australian and Spanish leagues.
It looks like Faisal seems keen playing in the land of tapas, magaritas, beautiful architecture and laid back society - despite the bad economy.
"I prefer to play in the Spanish League as I will be up against top players from Europe. The league in Spain is also much more challenging than the one in Australia."
It's good that we are finally having more players eager to play abroad. We've seen a string of footballers play outside Malaysia and even a handful of badminton players have enjoyed stints in 'leagues' outside the country.
And national junior coach K.Dharmaraj is eager to send some 20 players abroad - as per NST's article last month.
Here's hoping more of our local hockey players will learn from their counterparts beyond the borders and return with valuable experience.
HD says: Spain...a beautiful country indeed.


  1. Looks like he's more comfortable with non English speaking players.

  2. Anon 10.58

    How is that you are able to see that....Good Luck, Faisal; hope there are more players who are willing to take up challenges.


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