The gold rush

THE incentives keep pouring in.

As the national athletes gear up for the coming London Olympics, KL Racquets Club (KLRC) president and gold mine tycoon Datuk Seri Andrew Kam offered an RM2 million gold bar to the shuttler that returns with the elusive Olympic gold medal.

This in addition to the string of incentives which has been offered by the government and a private company to the athlete who wins the nation's first Olympic gold medal.
Among those who attended the Press Conference organised by KLRC at a leading hotel in KL yesterday included Olympic Council of Malaysia secretary Datuk Sieh Kok Chi, World No 2 Lee Chong Wei, doubles pair Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong, former shuttler Razif Sidek and former BA of Malaysia president Tan Sri Elyas Omar.

Kok Chi, had earlier in his speech, maintained the national shuttlers remain as the best bet for winning the Olympics - this despite Chong Wei admitting he is not fully fit for the Summer Games.

"The badminton players still have a shot at glory and it is great to see many people coming on board to hand such lucrative support. What is important is that the athletes focus on what is important for them," Kok Chi said.

Andrew, meanwhile, said it is his love for badminton that motivated him to offer such a reward.

"I love the sport and it is loved by many Malaysians. I challenge our players to come back with the gold medal and I will deliver my promise," Andrew added.

HD says: All the best to our national shuttlers.


  1. that is a good one "many people coming on board to hand such lucrative support" in today's Star BAM sponsoring coucil members who are paid fat allowances per month have worked hard to produce badminton stars. sorry my friend Haresh, it makes me puke that they have worked hard.. what have they achieved for the individual states other than holding of challengers for their will begin when the President steps down. you can bet on it


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