Sukma - a RM238 million joke?

The Malaysia Games (Sukma) in Pahang is supposed to officially start tomorrow.

Yet, it has already received the wrath of sports officials and observers.


1.Hockey matches to start at 3.30pm (pic). Do they organisers think that Pahang is in Ireland where the weather is cool at that hour?

2. Apparently the air-conditioning units at some of the venues are not working forcing the organisers to resort to blowers instead?

3.  Is it true there is no Media room in Temerloh?

4. Why is the result system "a load of rubbish" as seen on SS Dhaliwal's blog?

5. Is it true the production house of a top leading artist was paid more than RM2 million for the opening ceremony alone?

Do refer to my previous posting 'Sukma - an expensive ego?' published on July 1.

HD says: So much can be done with RM2 million, let alone RM238 million. Sigh!


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