Learning from Beckham

The article on Yahoo! caught my attention;

Beckham rules out lighting flame

David Beckham (pic) has suggested he is not the right man to light the Olympic flame to officially open the London Games, saying the honour should go to an Olympian who has won gold medals.
A man of his standing saying no to lighting the Olympic flame simply because of principles.
Now that's the lesson of the day - principles...
HD says: Hmm....


  1. I read that too kind good to read that and feel all is not lost in the sporting world, today we are struggling to produce athletes and players who can uphold such principals but how can we inculcate such teaching if we do not subscribe and practice the same.

    As simple at as attending training on time, open trials, fair selection process, respect for coaches and management.

    As simple as transparency, integrity and keeping your words.

    There is so much to do on the ground

  2. Should post this in the OCM and MSN website. Maybe even the OCM executive board should read this.


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