The great expensive circus.

UPDATE 11.59pm: Read The Star's Food for thought here


UPDATE 9.33pm:  This was taken from Astro Awani's Twitter account posted earlier today;

TM Pahang mahu penganjur Sukma mengatasi kelemahan yg dilapor wujud pd temasya kali ini demi menjaga imej negeri selaku tuan rumah.


A DAY after Negri Sembilan earned their third gold medal of the Malaysia Games, their optimist team are still waiting for their golden effort to be officially recognised.

Negri should have moved up to fifth place from seventh in the overall medal tally on Saturday after "winning the first gold medal" in sailing at the Balok beach.

But no such recognition has been accorded despite sailing technical delegate Lawrence Yeow diligently providing daily reports to the Games secretariat.

The optimist team event is also not listed on the Games official website's sailing schedule.

This was taken from NST's Devinder Singh's article published in today's NST.

Two days ago I received an SMS from a fellow journo who asked if I had any idea who topped the medal tally as till 8.20pm (on the said day) the overall medal tally was not updated on the website.

RM238 million spent on the Games and yet they can't iron out such details?

What is the use of  praising the quality of the judging system, claiming it to be "among the
best since the games was introduced in 1986" when athletes are not rewarded after a victorious outing?

Enough of taking the masses and athletes for a ride. Sukma is turning out to be one expensive circus.

HD says: Think of the athletes for once.


  1. Dear Haresh,
    Some things never changed. This report will resurface in two years time. When are the- powers-that-be going to learn?

  2. This has been going on for years. What is the technical delegate from OCM, the ISN and MSN doing. What is the role of the NSAs in the Sukma
    After July 16, there will be praises for the organisers.

  3. taku laa nak komen...nanti dituduh derhaka la pulak... seminggu patik dipenjara kang...


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